Henman Transcript

Its something that I have wanted to do for a long time because I teach at Brenau University and work with preservice elementary and teachers and talk about environmental science. Part of that class looks at climate change and what I can do for that. One of the things that I thought because my house faces south, the roof, it would be a perfect place so we talked about it and we decided this will be a good investment for us. You know one of the things I like about the solar installation that I have is that there is an app on my phone so I can monitor how much power I am using in my home. It is exciting to see that the power I am producing is actually going out of the grid and I am sharing my power with my neighbors and that is helping everybody in the community. They worked around my schedule. That was very convenient for me because I do work and if issues came up, we would be able to schedule a different time in which the installation would take place. My overall feeling about the solar system on me is that I invested in a system that overall returns my investment that is at least 10% just based on my calculations.

There is not really not much of a downside and the efficiency now is so much better. The panels are so much more efficient than they were. They are much less expensive on a house and now watching my power meter go backwards meaning that I am not using power, but I am sending power, that’s pretty exciting.

As far as BetterTomorrowSolar, everyone there communicated, with me. I got phone numbers, text and email, very easy to work with, and willing and eager to help and very interested in improving the environment to like I am. I feel like I am working with a bunch of likeminded people. We are not going anywhere, going to be here. Might as well benefit from all that sun we get in North Georgia. I think more people should do it.

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