Is Solar Right for You?

We’re all about giving you all the information you need to help you decide if you’d like to go solar. That’s why, for free, we’ll draw up and send you a personalized preliminary plan based on your home. We do it all remotely and provide you an accurate estimate of both the energy production you can achieve and the cost of installation.

How Residential Solar Works

The 4 Step Revolution


Solar panels convert visible light into DC electricity.


Inverters convert DC electricity into AC electricity to get used by your home’s appliances.


A monitoring system keeps track of how much power your panels produce.


A utility meter will keep track of how much power you use from the grid & send back.

What to expect at a Solar Consultation

A step-by-step guide


Send 6-12 months of electrical bills to the solar provider


Face-to-face consultation


State needs and wants
(battery storage, EV charging station, etc.)


Consultant evaluates that the home is solar viable


Consultant walks you through the solar proposal and lets you decide your solution

How will solar benefit you?

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