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Video Transcript

I’m Joe Meaney. We are in Chattahoochee Hills, Ga which is southwest of the city. It’s kinda of a rural area about 35 miles from Atlanta itself.

Our motivation for going solar is to be more self-sufficient and rely more on us and our property to help generate our electrical needs. So, you know when we were building the house, we did want to include solar in the building process but at that time which was not that long ago in 2014. It was probably about twice as expensive as what it is now.

We started doing some research on becoming more self-sufficient here having a generator to help back up because since we live out in the country, sometimes we lose power more so than you would in the city.

We shopped around and Better Tomorrow had a very competitive proposal and I really enjoyed the way our salesperson, how he presented it to us. He was just very honest about the questions that we have. He didn’t try to oversell it to us. He just laid the facts it being the summer months, our power bill was cut about by 2/3 over what it normally would be even a little bit more than that. To get a $71 power bill for August’s air conditioning month 90-degree weather every day is phenomenal to me and so I’m looking forward to seeing more of that in the future. Also, when we lose power, we have backup power for out lights and refrigerator and freezer, and so on and so forth.

Each panel generates up to 310 to 315 watts and we have 40 panels so we’re the 12.6 kW array.
I would just say regarding solar that it really will pay for itself because you’re generating power anytime the sun is out 365 days a year even when the sun isn’t out and it’s cloudy and your generating power.

Make sure that the company that you’re purchasing from is ethical that believes in their product and it’s not just in it for a sale and I think you’ll find that with Better Tomorrow, that’s what we found.

I highly recommend in Better Tomorrow. They believe in what they’re doing. It’s almost like it’s more than just business, it’s a way of life for the people and that worked there now. We’re really glad we made this switch and we’re really glad we used Better Tomorrow.

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