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Residential & Commercial Solar Solutions

Our goal at Better Tomorrow Solar is to increase everyone’s access to and affordability of solar energy. Join the rising number of Southern homeowners and business owners who have switched to sustainable solar energy by advancing into the future. Our solar panel installations are efficient and tailored to your requirements. Give us a call today to learn more about the many advantages of adopting solar if you think that lessening your environmental impact and saving money on your monthly bills sound good to you.

Learn about our services and how we can help you convert your home or business into a greener solution

Residential Services

Solar is a great option for homeowners who are interested in becoming less reliant on their utility companies and the grid. It can also reduce your family’s carbon impact and your power bill by eliminating the consumption of dirty electricity by up to 60%. In accordance with your budget, Our Team will create a unique solar plan for your home that includes an efficient solar array. We provide everything you need under one roof.

Around 8–10 years, most households receive a return on their original solar investment.

Also, a solar array may significantly increase the value of your house! According to Berkeley Lab, a solar system boosts a home’s value by $3/watt. According to the Appraisal Institute, solar properties gain $20 in value for every $1 saved on annual energy costs.

Commercial Services

Take a bite out of your overhead and slash your utility bills with solar. Solar is an upfront investment that is guaranteed to pay for itself and free up funds for you to reinvest in your people, facility, or mission.
Solar energy is a wise financial decision with a high return. Huge financial benefits, such as the 30% federal tax credit, may be available to your company. Take advantage of accelerated and bonus depreciation on your complete solar system investment to lower your overall federal tax obligation.

You can cut your seasonal or peak power usage as well as your regular electric expense by installing solar. By going solar, you may modernize your company’s operations and lower operating costs. Your company may keep running during power interruptions by choosing solar with battery storage.

Businesses often have the option of claiming a 100% bonus depreciation together with an accelerated depreciation corporate deduction. By utilizing an SBA 504 green loan program, which rewards sustainability activities for your company, you can also lower capital expenditures. To lower the overall cost of a PV installation, a taxpayer who claims the business ITC for a solar PV system put into operation can often also benefit from accelerated depreciation (also known as the Modified Accelerated Cost-Recovery Scheme, or MACRS).

Solar Storage Services

Keep the lights on throughout the day, at night, or during a grid outage. Battery storage will absorb any excess power your solar panels produce throughout the day and save it for you to use when the sun isn’t shining or if you experience a blackout.

Those who wish to save their monthly electricity costs and protect their energy supply from potential blackouts and time-of-use pricing can consider solar battery storage as a wonderful choice. Solar panels plus an inverter make up most residential solar energy systems. The inverter transforms the Direct Current (DC) power generated by the solar panels during the day into Alternating Current (AC) electricity for usage in the home. Since this solar system has battery storage, you may utilize the extra electricity produced throughout the day whenever you need it, such as during a power outage.

Solar consumers who use storage may optimize their daily financial savings and enjoy the security of having backup power in case of blackouts or other grid disturbances. Better Tomorrow Solar is pleased to provide Georgians who are adopting solar energy with the greatest battery alternatives available on the market. With solar storage, you may use the energy your solar panel system produces during the day to power your house all night long.

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