About Better Tomorrow Solar

We lower energy costs in Georgia by installing sleek, affordable solar panels

Better Tomorrow Solar is a turnkey solar installation firm operating from Atlanta, GA. We work to make renewable energy accessible to as many communities as possible, through expert service and game-changing financing options for solar installations. We offer provide clients with solar panel installations tailor fitted to each individual’s unique lifestyle, schedule, and budget.

There’s nothing we like better than helping others experience for themselves the many benefits of solar energy. Take a look at our process to see if solar is right for you. Or check out our project calculator to see how much you could save every month.

Our mission is to make solar power available to everyone. We do that by removing the upfront cost to ensure long-term energy price predictability for our customers.

A cleaner, greener, more resilient world isn’t just a nice dream – it has become an achievable reality. Solar energy in Georgia is affordable and simple for anyone who wants to join the movement and step into the future. Join the hundreds who run their lives on clean solar energy, ask for your free home solar consultation today!

Our Team

Kaveh Kamooneh

Kaveh is the co-founder and CEO of Better Tomorrow Solar, Inc., a startup solar financing and installation company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to the founding of Better Tomorrow Solar, Kaveh was the co-founder and CEO of Lili Properties, Inc., a real estate investment and management company in Atlanta. Kaveh co-founded Lili Properties in 2002 and managed its growth from a startup with only a few thousand dollars in capitalization to a multi-million dollar company with dozens of satisfied investors and hundreds of real estate transactions involving single and multifamily residential and commercial properties. Lili Properties operated through the Great Recession of 2008 without a single default on any of its obligations to its creditors.

Being one of the first in the state of Georgia to install solar panels, geothermal heat, foam insulation, etc. in his Decatur home in 2005, Kaveh has had a life long interest in clean energy and environmental issues.

Kaveh holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Columbia University.

Roji Aldashi

Roji has over 25 years of experience as a marketing executive and brand developer with companies such as MillerCoors Brewing Company, AIG, and Clinique cosmetics. In those positions, Roji led regional teams from one successful marketing campaign to another. As a dedicated mother of two teenagers, hardly anything seems more pressing to Roji than the welfare of future generations. The urgency of the current climate crises and her unwavering optimism that its solution is within our power (or that we should never give up trying), makes a solar company an obvious choice. She, therefore, started Better Tomorrow Solar to help spread the adoption of solar power by lowering or reducing the upfront costs of solar power in both the residential and commercial markets.

Roji’s accomplishments in the corporate world coupled with her dedication to refugee families by volunteering her time with  World Relief make her well suited to the challenge of running a solar company.

Gustavo Arce

Having graduated Georgia State University as a Goizueta Scholar and the first ever recipient of the university’s social entrepreneurship grant for his project in crypto currency and renewable energy credits, he knew renewable energy was his calling.  After being in the solar industry for 2 years Gustavo has an expertise in community partnerships combined with technology and how together they can drive the solar industry. His experience is in innovative solar crowdfunding / crowdsourcing projects , grassroots energy initiatives, and solarize campaigns. When he is not talking about solar, he enjoys walking the beltline, discovering coffee shops, and boxing.

Ryan Agnew (RJ)

RJ serves Better Tomorrow Solar (BTS) in the facilitation of all solar operations. With an extensive background in design, engineering, data analytics, and sales consultation, RJ strives to promote the reality of owning a solar array to the multitude of people looking to provide clean energy to their home or place of business.

Sam Johnson

Growing up in the countryside of western Georgia instilled in Sam a lifelong love for nature. This, combined with his appreciation for life in the city, inspired him to work to create a society in which humans thrive alongside (not at the expense of) the other species with which we share the natural world. He has worked for the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, the Georgia Conservancy, and Southface Institute. Sam serves as the Marketing Director for Better Tomorrow Solar and approaches the role with the belief that, together, we can build a society which ensures a healthy, dignified life for everyone without sacrificing wild places and biodiversity.

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