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Make a Difference with Solar

We work to make renewable energy accessible to as many communities as possible, through expert service and game-changing financing options for solar installations. We offer to provide clients with solar panel installations tailor-fitted to each individual’s unique lifestyle, schedule, and budget.

There’s nothing we like better than helping others experience for themselves the many benefits of solar energy. Take a look at our process to see if solar is right for you. Or check out our project calculator to see how much you could save every month.

man standing is solar field on phone

Our Mission

Is to make solar power available to everyone. We do that by removing the upfront cost to ensure long-term energy price predictability for our customers.

A cleaner, greener, more resilient world isn’t just a nice dream – it has become an achievable reality. Solar energy is affordable and simple for anyone who wants to join the movement and step into the future. Join the hundreds who run their lives on clean solar energy, ask for your free home solar consultation today!

Our Team

Roji Aldashi

Kaveh Kamooneh

Ryan (RJ) Agnew

RJ serves Better Tomorrow Solar (BTS) in the facilitation of all solar operations. With an extensive background in design, engineering, data analytics, and sales consultation, RJ strives to promote the reality of owning a solar array to the multitude of people looking to provide clean energy to their home or place of business.

Sam Johnson

Growing up in a rural part of West Georgia instilled in Sam a lifelong love for nature. This, combined with his appreciation for life in the city, inspired him to work to create a society in which humans thrive alongside (not at the expense of) the other species with which we share the natural world. He has worked for the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, the Georgia Conservancy, and Southface Institute. Sam serves as the Marketing Director for Better Tomorrow Solar and approaches the role with the belief that, together, we can build a society that ensures a healthy, dignified life for everyone without sacrificing wild places and biodiversity.

Kareem Bendeck

Kareem’s career in solar power started over 15 years ago. He draws from the experience that comes with several hundred installations both commercial and residential. No matter if you have traditional asphalt shingles, metal roofing, Spanish tile or TPO, Kareem has the know-how. He has dealt with traditional ground mount systems, cable anchor systems all the way up to a 1 megawatt solar farm. If you have the land, he can solarize it! In addition to an Industrial Design degree from Georgia Tech Kareem also has a Fine Arts degree from Georgia State University. He understands the importance of aesthetics when crafting a solar array and prides himself on each sleek, clean finished system.

Seth Stokes

Born and raised in Atlanta, Seth recently joined Better Tomorrow Solar as our Commercial Sales Manager. Seth’s background includes time spent in Washington working on Capitol Hill and in the Southern Company’s Governmental Relations office. His passions for environmental policy started his junior year abroad at the College of the Holy Cross studying in South Africa and Australia where he learned that a multi-disciplinary approach to the Climate Crisis is essential to the longevity of human society and the natural world. Seth works tirelessly to build coalitions with community partners and businesses to create a cleaner, more sustainable future all Georgians. When Seth is not in the office, he enjoys hiking, paddling, and playing Australian Rules Football for the Atlanta Kookaburras!

Kristen Baskin

Kristen loves people, soil and sun. Biking around West Philadelphia 15 years ago, she discovered Mill Creek Farm in the middle of the city, where women were growing potatoes, composting, and bee-keeping. Since then, she created a library in Peru, a coffeehouse in Philadelphia, Patagonia-funded bike composting and community drop-off programs, and Let Us Compost in Athens, Georgia. Let Us Compost turned 5,000,000 lbs of food scrap into soil and invigorated the composting industry in Georgia. She is thrilled to finally work 9-5 with Better Tomorrow Solar. When she's not working, Kristen is reading novels, riding her bike or making things with her daughters.

Wendy Noreña

Born in Colombia and raised in Atlanta, Wendy joined Better Tomorrow Solar as a Solar Specialist. Wendy’s background includes time spent working on development projects for the Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE) and Southface Institute in Atlanta. Before that, she worked on botanical fire restoration ecology studies on the West Coast, first in the coastal sage scrub habitat of Southern California and later on ancestral prairie lands for the Quinault Indian Nation on the Quinault reservation in Washington state. Her passion for environmental conservation and environmental justice began at a young age and led her to earn a B.A. in Environmental Analysis with a focus in Sustainability and the Built Environment from Pomona College. Wendy works tirelessly to bring sustainable and affordable solar solutions to the Metro Atlanta community in the hopes of ensuring climate resilience for all Georgians. She is fluent in both Spanish and French and, as a Latina working in solar, is passionate about bringing solar to Georgia’s Spanish-speaking communities. When Wendy is not in the office, she enjoys traveling, practicing aerial arts, and DJ-ing for La Choloteca in Atlanta.

Bill Zagorski

In 1979 Bill started Roswell Reconstruction Corporation in 1979 and has been in solar consulting for 15 years with several of the local solar companies in Atlanta. Bill has created and installed over 200 solar arrays in Georgia and the southeast. Bill is also very interested in Boondocking and has recently been installing solar and storage for the local RV crowd in Atlanta. Bill has 2 grown children, loves to cook and has a small RV rental business in Atlanta.

Luke Downs

Born and raised in Decatur, GA, Luke serves as Project Manager and Technical Support for Better Tomorrow Solar. Luke graduated from Tufts University in 2020, where he earned a B.A. in Political Science and Environmental Studies with a focus in Sustainability, Policy, and Equity. During his time at Tufts, Luke interned with the U.S. House of Representatives, the Environmental Voter Project in Boston, and the Asociación Provivienda in Madrid. After graduating, he returned to Atlanta to work with the Progressive Turnout Project, mobilizing voters in last year's elections. Luke is excited to join the BTS team and help make clean, affordable energy accessible to all Georgians.

Courtney Gantt

Courtney is a Georgia native who has always been passionate about the environment and creating sustainable solutions for the future. This led her to Middlebury College in Vermont to study environmental studies and biology where she is a junior. As a winter intern at Better Tomorrow Solar, Courtney hopes to bring her experience working with renewable energy companies, research institutions, and environmental non-profits to introduce new perspectives and avenues for growth. Courtney strongly believes that sustainability is about creating solutions to current problems that are both environmentally friendly and economically viable, which is why she is excited to help grow the solar industry in Atlanta.

Bailie Kopco

With a diverse background in marketing, journalism and environmental science, Bailie became passionate about protecting our earth after studying meteorology at the University of South Carolina where she worked with forecasting models showcasing the impact of human activity on the environment and severe weather patterns over time. Oklahoma-born and South Carolina-bred, Bailie has been a resident of Charlotte since 2005 and Davidson since 2019. She loves helping her North Carolina neighbors and businesses achieve energy independence by harnessing clean sustainable energy from the sun. In addition to creating happy customers, her goal is to help educate the community on solar and to also provide cost-effective, customized solutions.

Erik Kopco

A Navy Veteran with an extensive background in mechanical and electrical engineering, Erik’s goal is to provide education and outstanding customer service to homeowners and the community on all things solar. He has a vision to create a cleaner world through renewable solar energy and also through land conservation. Erik also has a background in landscaping with a concentration on native, non-invasive species. In his spare time, Erik works with local environmental nonprofit groups to help further initiatives to protect our planet for future generations.

Amin Arbab

Amin Arbab

Amin Arbab holds a silver medal in Asian Aerobic Gymnastics championships and ranked 7th in the world championships in 2012. He has ranked 4th in the world aerobic gymnastics in 2010 and has created 8 new skills in the world, submitted by FIG in 2015.
A dedicated gymnastics coach, Amin now works with kids of all ages while also leading installation teams for Better Tomorrow Solar. He views his work with kids and his installations as all stemming from the same set of values: Dedication to the future generation.

Borna Eghtesadi

Borna Eghtesadi

Born and raised in Brookhaven Atlanta , Borna Eghtesadi has always had a strong passion for the environment. As a junior at Kennesaw State University majoring in Environmental Science, he is devoted to solving the climate change crisis through renewable energy. Borna’s interest in solar began at the age of 12, when he found himself fascinated by the processes through which solar panels convert sunlight into clean energy. As an intern for Better Tomorrow Solar, he hopes to contribute in whatever way he can to a green future for Georgia. His hobbies include : swimming, hiking, board games, and baking brownies!

Gil Smith

Gil Smith

Gil Smith is an Energy Consultant at Better Tomorrow Solar, with responsibility for developing new business, writing winning proposals, and most importantly managing client relations.
Prior to joining Better Tomorrow Solar, he worked in strategic business development and marketing at several companies, as well as, owned one of Atlanta’s most prominent night clubs. He served 25 plus years with the Coast Guard as both a recruiter and in aviation.

While proud of his professional accomplishments – Gil is most proud of being married to his beautiful wife for over forty-five years and the quality time he spends with his four children and six grandchildren. To make the world better for them is why he joined Better Tomorrow Solar.

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