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Video Transcript

I’m Frank Lock. I live in Gainesville, Georgia. It’s a really nice day, the sun it out producing electricity for us.

We had a house built in Florida in 1983 and I looked into having solar installed on the house. Then it was too expensive, more than we could afford at the time. One of the things we did do then was putting solar hot water installed and that was wonderful. We never ran out of hot water.

I continued to look at solar from time to time and the presentation the owner of better tomorrow solar provided information for a bunch of people about their systems and the expense for this system. The expense sounded reasonable to me and so I talked about it with my wife and we contacted better tomorrow solar and asked them to give us a proposal. And they did and fit our budget and so we arranged to have the system installed this past February.

The installation process was really smooth. People from better tomorrow solar were terrific. They were cordial, they were professional. We appreciated the work they did. We were happy with the installation time. Probably five days a week, I go out and watch the electric meter run backwards. That’s just a wonderful perk. I also write down the numbers from the metering because I’m interested in keeping track on my own of what portion of our electricity system is producing. It generally runs about 55 or 60 percent.

Unfortunately, the electric company only pays us for up to half of the electricity we use. One of the things we’re looking forward to before too long is having a battery storage system installed as well. Our electric bills have been less than half most of the time as compared to previously. Just a solid example, a quantitative example our electric bill for the month of August which is particularly warm month it was just $75 and that’s really impressive to us. We’re very happy with that.

I did some research systems of the better tomorrow solar system that we had installed. It is reported to have a return on investment of 12 and a half percent which also makes us very happy.

The big thing for me in the end is that over the course of the five months that we have had the system up and running, we have saved the equivalent carbon of 61 trees and that makes us very verry happy. Keeping that carbon from going into our environment into the atmosphere is a very important thing for us.

Better tomorrow solar has a commitment, not only to provide good systems for people who are interested in having a system installed but also with the environment. Stressing the fact that another company is better tomorrow solar with the goal of doing something proactive about the climate crisis problem carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

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