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Video Transcript

Video 1: Henmans

Something that I have wanted to do for a long time because I teach at Brenau University and work with preservice elementary and teachers and talk about environmental science. Part of that class looks at climate change and what I can do for that. One of the things that I thought because my house faces south, the roof, it would be a perfect place so we talked about it and we decided this will be a good investment for us. You know one of the things I like about the solar installation that I have is that there is an app on my phone so I can monitor how much power I am using in my home. It is exciting to see that the power I am producing is actually going out of the grid and I am sharing my power with my neighbors and that is helping everybody in the community. They worked around my schedule. That was very convenient for me because I do work and if issues came up, we would be able to schedule a different time in which the installation would take place. My overall feeling about the solar system on me is that I invested in a system that overall returns my investment that is at least 10% just based on my calculations.

There is not really not much of a downside and the efficiency now is so much better. The panels are so much more efficient than they were. They are much less expensive on a house and now watching my power meter go backwards meaning that I am not using power, but I am sending power, that’s pretty exciting.

As far as BetterTomorrowSolar, everyone there communicated, with me. I got phone numbers, text and email, very easy to work with, and willing and eager to help and very interested in improving the environment to like I am. I feel like I am working with a bunch of likeminded people. We are not going anywhere, going to be here. Might as well benefit from all that sun we get in North Georgia. I think more people should do it.

Video 2: How does Solar Work?

The sun showers the Earth with free energy every day. We are BetterTomorrowSolar, and here is how our solar arrays harvest that energy to power your home. Energy from the sun is absorbed by solar cells and converted into clean DC energy. Most appliances cannot operate on DC and require a means of conversion to AC. We install inverters which convert DC electricity to AC. After that, it’s ready to power your home. Depending on when you use power and how much you use, battery storage may help you manage your consumption. You can draw from the battery when your utility rates are high and recharge when rates are low, or the sun is shining. Additionally, battery storage will keep your home running when there is a blackout. Solar will save you money every minute the sun shines. How can you afford not to adopt? Join the clean energy movement today!

Video 3: BTS Intro

Looking to lower energy costs, welcome to BetterTomorrowSolar, a premier solar installation firm that provides emissions free renewable energy for commercial and residential spaces. Our solar arrays harvest some of the vast quantities of energy the sun emits daily. We offer free consultations and flexible financing solutions to ensure clients receive the system best suited to their needs. BetterTomorrowSolar, saving you money every minute the sun shines. Reach out today to see how affordable solar has become.

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