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In popular fiction, documentaries, and movies, we’ve all seen stories of people living off the grid. In most of these scenarios, this involves living in the wild, drinking rainwater, hunting and fishing for protein, planting a garden, chopping wood, and building an outhouse. But is that the only way to lessen your dependence on utilities, grocery stores, and supply chains?

While you as an urban dweller can’t COMPLETELY disconnect from these support systems, there’s at least one step you can take, and that is to break away from your electric utility provider.

Producing your own electricity can save you a significant amount of money.  First, you’ll get rid of your monthly electric bill, and if you produce more power than you need, the surplus can be sold back to your local electric utility, generating income for yourself.

The simplest way to generate your own electricity is with solar panels. The installation of solar panels has become more popular in recent years and is a viable way to go. These panels are most often installed on a roof, although they can also be installed on the ground. If this is the only option available to you, be sure that the panels are in a safe location, away from trees that might fall on them. They’re made of glass after all!  You also need to make sure that they’re in a location that will receive enough sunlight to produce the amount of electricity you need.

In addition to the solar panels, you’ll need a battery storage system to store the energy you need when the sun isn’t shining on your panels, as in the winter, at night, or on a foggy day. In addition, the power stored in your battery system will become more stable before it reaches your electrical appliances.

To begin your journey toward producing your own electricity, you can reach out to the professionals at Better Tomorrow Solar. We genuinely believe that our customers’ lives are better with solar in them, that’s why we are working to make solar accessible to everyone. We provide affordable solar panel installation for residential and commercial customers, as well as solar battery storage.

We believe in the overwhelming benefits of using a solar system installation for your home or business, as solar power is a renewable energy resource, that can reduce your energy bills, improve your home’s energy efficiency, and reduce your carbon footprint. Because we believe in our vision and mission so intently, it is our goal to make solar panel installation a reality for as many communities as possible throughout Atlanta GA, and the surrounding metro area. Because we want to make residential and commercial solar installation possible for our communities, we offer expert service and game-changing financing options for solar installations.

For more information about our products or services, visit our website, or contact us at (980) 317-0145, or in Georgia at (678) 532-1000.


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