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As customers of Better Tomorrow Solar, you may be wondering how solar energy is safe. With solar panels installed in your homes, you want to ensure that you and your family are not at risk of harm. In this blog post, we will discuss how solar energy is safe and debunk any fears you may have about solar panel installations.


Renewable Energy from the Sun

Some people new to the world of solar energy might be asking if solar energy is safe. Solar energy is a form of renewable energy that uses the sun’s rays to produce electricity. It is entirely safe as it does not involve fuel combustion, nuclear reactions, or the generation of hazardous waste. Solar panels are made of silicon, glass, and plastic, all of which are non-toxic. Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy does not emit any harmful pollutants into the air, making it environmentally friendly. Thus, solar panels are safe and a great alternative to traditional power generation systems that damage the environment and harm human beings.


Is Solar Energy Safe for Humans?

Solar panel installations do not pose any risk to humans. The photovoltaic (PV) panels convert sunlight into electricity, and the PV process does not involve any moving parts. The system is silent, which means no noise pollution. Solar panel installations are mounted on rooftops, which means they are out of reach of children and animals, making it one of the safest forms of energy.


What Solar Panel Safety Issues Exist?

Burn issues are the most common solar panel safety hazard. When a solar panel gets hot, it can cause a burn if it is touched. However, this can easily be avoided with proper installation and positioning of solar panels. Additionally, solar panels can cause electrical shocks but only when they are damaged or unsafely installed. Once again, this risk can be eliminated with proper installation by a professional solar panel installer.


What Safety Mechanisms Are There for Solar Panels?

Solar panels come equipped with safety mechanisms that improve safety for humans and the environment. Solar panels are designed with anti-reflective coatings, tempered glass, and waterproof resin that ensure they can withstand harsh weather conditions. Additionally, most solar panels are equipped with an automatic shut-off system in case of an accident or damage caused by the weather, which prevents continuous operation, making them much safer.


How Does Solar Panel Installation Impact Safety?

The way solar panels are installed can impact their level of safety and it is essential to find a professional installer. Professional solar panel installers at Better Tomorrow Solar are trained to ensure the installation process is performed safely and professionally. This includes making sure the wiring is secure, ensuring the panels are angled correctly, and that they are mounted in a way that prevents them from falling. Proper installation ensures that your solar panels function the way they should, reducing the risk of accidents and maximizing energy production.


Get Started with Solar Energy Today!

Solar energy is safe, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective. By installing solar panels in your home, you are not only saving money but also ensuring a safe and clean energy source for you and your family. Every day, more and more homeowners and businesses are making the switch to solar power. At Better Tomorrow Solar, we prioritize safety, sustainability, and affordability, ensuring that our customers get the best experience possible. Contact us today to start your journey towards a better future with solar energy in Georgia.

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