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When considering solar for your Atlanta home, there are many important considerations. Of course, the reputation of the company is primary. Other things to take into account are pricing, warranties provided on solar equipment, do they have NABCEP-certified staff members, length of time to get installation on the calendar, a monitoring program for solar generation, and follow-up to the installation. In Atlanta, there are several choices for solar companies.

The Better Tomorrow Solar Commitment

At Better Tomorrow Solar, we want to extend this commitment. Our focus is on installing the best solar system for your needs. We make every effort the installation process will be professional, and competent, and communication on the process will be thorough.

When choosing a solar company, there are options in Atlanta. We encourage our customers to consider those options. Then contact Better Tomorrow Solar and experience the difference. Customer engagement is so very important. We will be with you every step of the way. We’ll answer questions and make sure you understand all the benefits solar can bring.

Which solar company in Atlanta is right for you?

With the rapid growth of solar in Atlanta, there has been a rapid proliferation of solar installation companies. Selecting the best for you and your clean energy requirements may seem like a daunting challenge.

Like most decisions these days, your choice of an Atlanta solar company will probably start with an internet search, usually through Google or Ecosia.

The first thing to know when you search for Atlanta solar installers is that many companies listed on the results pages are nothing other than information-gathering outfits that take potential customers’ information and try to sell it to solar panel installers for a fee or a commission. Many, but not all, of these companies offer little by way of information on solar energy, solar panels, and solar installation. Worse, sometimes they even disseminate inaccurate information about solar power, energy savings, and reducing high power bills. Other such referral sites offer accurate and useful information. So, the value of referral sites depends on the quality of the educational material they provide. High-quality sites offer a valuable service to those who are considering solar panels to reduce the cost of energy for their homes or businesses. It is not always easy to tell the good solar referral companies apart from the bad ones. The difference between the two types of courses is in the quality of education they provide about solar power and its potential costs and savings. All referral sites are in the business of gathering your information and then trying to sell your information to solar installation companies.

Telling apart a mere referral service from a genuine local installation company is typically not too difficult. That is not to say that referral services do not perform a valuable service. The good ones weed out bad installers. Few things are more valuable to an industry than removing bad actors, but even the best referral services do not pick out the right solar installation company for you. The good referral services may steer you away from bad installation companies, but they will not choose the best installation company for you. You have to select that for yourself.

Keep in mind that a referral service does not ultimately perform the installation on your house or business. Only a Georgia-licensed installation company, like Better Tomorrow Solar, can do that. So, it is very important to pick the right solar panel installation company for your solar installation job.

Atlanta solar companies

Following the global trend of the rising viability and popularity of solar energy, in the last decade or so, several reputable solar companies have started and flourished in sunny Atlanta. Better Tomorrow Solar is one of these reputable Atlanta solar installation companies.  How should you choose between Atlanta solar companies? What distinguishes Better Tomorrow Solar and the other solar installation companies operating in Atlanta and the surrounding areas?

The truth is that all reputable Atlanta solar installation companies try hard to satisfy their customers and we all mostly succeed in providing great service. We all use comparable tier-one components and have NABCEP-certified technicians, and State licensed electricians to perform our solar installations. All solar jobs must be permitted by local building authorities and are subject to inspection.

So how should you choose then? What is the right solar installation company for you?

Choosing the right solar company in Atlanta

The first step is to get several proposals for your home or business. If you want to reduce your power bills, hedge against rising electricity rates, and reduce your impact on the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, it behooves you to contact two or three Atlanta-based companies and compare their proposals. There just is no other way to know which Atlanta solar installation company fits your needs and budget best other than comparing their proposals. This may sound obvious. Who would not comparison shop? The number of solar adopters who accept the first proposal they see is unbelievably high. Get more than one proposal, even if the proposal you have is from us.

We at Better Tomorrow Solar are confident that we will beat the other solar companies on price, service, and our commitment to clean renewable energy. We offer an honest low upfront price, strive to provide the best service we can, and are in this business because of our commitment to clean energy. We view low prices as the best way to put more solar on rooftops and more solar is good for not just our customers, but everyone living today and in the future. Low prices help disseminate rooftop solar in Atlanta, in Georgia, and all over the world.  That serves our core mission.  If you choose one of our competitors and get solar on your roof through them, our mission is still served. Get solar with us; if not, just get solar.

Become a part of the solar revolution in Atlanta

Georgia is usually the tenth or eleventh state in the country in annual solar capacity rankings. Most of the solar generation in the state, however, is from large or utility-scale projects. When it comes to rooftop solar there is much room to grow in Atlanta and in Georgia, which currently rank low among major metropolitan areas and states in the US in the amount of installed rooftop solar capacity.

When you consider that the levelized cost of clean electricity, i.e. the average cost of the power produced over the life of the solar array on your roof, is now 70 to 75 percent less than the current cost of fossil fuel electricity from the utility company, it makes no sense at all not to have rooftop solar. Keep in mind that the utility company will almost certainly increase its rates consistently, year after year. We at Better Tomorrow Solar will guarantee that we will not raise the price of sunshine, the fuel for your solar panels, on the solar array we install. So, the levelized cost of electricity from solar will become lower than power from the utility as they inevitably raise their prices.

In other words, if you install a solar array on your roof now, the average dollar cost of 1-kilowatt hour ( kWh) of energy produced from that solar array over its life is about 25% to 30% of 1 kWh that you buy from the utility company if they never raise their prices for the next 30 years! Since we are all but certain that they will raise their prices, we can be sure that the comparative cost of solar will be much less than 25 to 30% over the warrantied life of a rooftop solar array.

This will remain true even if the utility companies produce all their energy through large-scale solar plants or solar farms, as they will get closer and closer to doing so in the coming years. The cost to transmit the power from the central plants where power is produced to your home is around 7.8 cents per kWh. The average cost of residential electricity in Georgia is a little more than 11.1 cents. So 70% of the cost of power consumed in a home is the cost of transmission. The power grid is expensive to operate and maintain. Add to that the fact that a nonnegligible amount of power, about 15%, is lost during transmission, and rooftop solar begins to look more and more like an attractive option.

Keep in mind that none of the above takes into consideration the significant costs, both monetary and non-monetary, of health care and human suffering associated with dirty and centralized energy production.

It simply makes a lot of sense to cleanly, silently, and reliably produce your power where you are going to be consuming it, using the freely available resource that naturally comes to you every day, sunshine.

So why not start saving money and the planet now? The clean energy revolution is here, Your friends and neighbors are signing up. If you do not get rooftop solar today, you will get it tomorrow. It just makes too much sense.

We at Better Tomorrow Solar are ready for you, ready for the clean energy revolution, and ready for you to join us!

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