Is Storage Right for You?

Sonnen is a  sleek, aesthetic option for energy storage. The solar battery is engineered in Germany and manufactured locally in Tucker, Georgia. Sonnen integrates solar energy storage seamlessly with home automation. Sonnen batteries have unique chemistry which make them exceptionally safe and long lasting. This is an excellent storage option for anyone who wants to support the local economy and go solar in Georgia.

Generac is known as a technology powerhouse determined to drive change in the clean energy space. Generac storage units are truly scalable and can be configured to meet the needs of any system, budget, or lifestyle. The chemistry of the batteries is a standard mix of Nickle, Magnesium, and Cobalt.

Solar battery storage is a great option for people who want to lower their monthly power bills and hedge their energy supply against potential blackouts and time of use rates. A typical home solar system in Georgia consists of solar panels and an inverter. During the day, the solar panels harvest energy from the sun as Direct Current (DC) electricity which the inverter converts into Alternating Current (AC) electricity for use in the home. Adding battery storage to this solar system allows you to make use of the excess electricity generated during the day at any time you may need it, like during a power outage.

Through storage, solar adopters can both maximize their everyday savings and achieve the peace of mind that comes with backup power in case of blackouts or other disruptions to the grid. Better Tomorrow Solar is proud to offer of the best battery options on the market to solar adopters in Georgia. With solar storage, you can power your home throughout the night with the energy your solar panel system harvests during the day.



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