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Benefits of Solar

Explore the Many Benefits of Going Solar

If you’re interested in switching to renewable solar energy, Better Tomorrow Solar can install a sleek, modern solar array on your roof or property. Solar power reduces our reliance on fossil fuels and hydropower while also reducing the amount of air pollution in Atlanta, Charlotte and the surrounding areas. Not only will you enjoy energy savings every month, but you’ll receive peace of mind in knowing you’re doing your part to fight climate change and improve humanity’s hopes for a better tomorrow. We’d be happy to provide a home energy audit after installation to see what else can be done to maximize your energy efficiency. Talk to our dedicated team today!

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1. Solar has zero energy production costs

No need for outside supply or attachment. The only cost associated with solar is the cost of installation, which can be financed should you need it. Investing in battery storage enables you to hold on to power for use when your panels are not generating energy, like at night.

2. Solar reduces the carbon footprint

Fossil fuel generated electricity releases carbon dioxide and methane, two potent greenhouse gasses. Solar panels, on the other hand, have no emissions whatsoever. Widespread adoption of solar can curtail climate change. Converting to this clean, natural energy source will slash the negative impact your household or workplace has on the environment.

3. Solar in infinite

The sun bombards our planet with free, renewable energy each day. Nonrenewable energy production requires the burning of fossil fuels which are known to be limited resources. This dirty energy also requires lots of water to produce electricity. By embracing solar, you are taking advantage of infinite, free energy provided by the sun and conserving water needed by the fauna and flora of your community to thrive.

4. Solar is incentivized

There is a 30% Federal tax credit on the cost of any solar project in the US. This credit also applies to any work that needs to be done in service of your solar project. This means that if you need to replace your roof or remove some trees for your installation, you can get the 30% credit on the total cost of these projects together.

In addition, many utility companies have special rebates or net metering plans set up for solar owners. Some utility companies with great solar incentives include:

5. Solar increases home value

A 2006 study found that homes with solar panels appreciated 15 percent faster than comparable homes without solar panels. A subsequent 2008 study found that homes with solar panels and energy-efficient features sold faster than homes that consumed more energy. And two 2015 studies from Berkeley National Labs found that home buyers are willing to pay about $15,000 more for a home equipped with an average-sized solar array than a comparable home without solar panels.

6. Solar is versatile

Solar installations aren’t just for flat roofs with total sun exposure. Solar panels can be put on pitched roofs and on roofs made of tiles, shingles, copper, or tin. Solar panels take up space on the tops of parking garages, stadiums and on the sides of highways. No room on your roof? No problem! Ground mounted solar installations are an equally viable renewable energy option and they can be put anywhere on your property with a great view of the sun!

7. Solar enables energy independence

Not only do you reduce the amount of electricity you must purchase from your utility company, with storage, your home can continue to run during blackouts or other grid disruptions. Imagine a home that runs on electricity you generate yourself – this is the promise of solar energy.

aerial view of home with solar panels
8. Solar is a more efficient energy solution

Non renewable Electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels at power plants. From there is is transported to substations and then on to customers, many of whom live far away from the substations. The energy lost during this process adds up over time to massive inefficiencies.

Solar, on the other hand, is most often used to power the buildings that host the solar arrays themselves. In some cases it can even be used to power neighboring buildings. Overall, this is a much more efficient way to generate electricity for individual use.

9. Solar is creating a regenerative economy

The renewable energy sector is fertile ground for professionals of all stripes to earn a living creating a sustainable future. An average person can learn everything they need to install solar arrays in an afternoon, a skill which can travel with them throughout life. There are amazing organizations arming workers with everything they need to thrive in the renewable energy economy of tomorrow.

10. Solar is the wave of the future

Recent years have seen massive strides in solar efficiency and design. The unsightly, inefficient panels of yesteryear are no more! Today solar is sleek, chic and affordable. Communities across the US and world at large are beginning to make moves to run themselves on solar energy. Why not join the energy movement of tomorrow today ? Become a sustainability and energy leader!

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