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Benefits of Solar

Explore the Many Benefits of Going Solar

If you’re interested in switching to renewable solar energy, Better Tomorrow Solar can install a sleek, modern solar array on your roof or property. Solar power reduces our reliance on fossil fuels and hydropower while also reducing the amount of air pollution in Metro Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Not only will you enjoy energy savings every month, but you’ll receive peace of mind in knowing you’re doing your part to fight climate change and improve humanity’s hopes for a better tomorrow. We’d be happy to provide a home energy audit after installation to see what else can be done to maximize your energy efficiency. Talk to our dedicated team today!

  • Reduce or even eliminate your electric bills
  • Take advantage of the 26% Federal Tax credit in 2021
  • Earn a great return on your investment
  • Increase your home value
    1. “A 2006 study found that California homes with solar panels appreciated 15 percent faster than comparable homes without solar panels. A subsequent 2008 study found that California homes with solar panels and energy-efficient features sold faster than homes that consumed more energy. And two 2015 studies from Berkeley National Labs found that homebuyers are willing to pay about $15,000 more for a home equipped with an average-sized solar array than a comparable home without solar panels.”
  • Solar panels on rooftops extend the life of shingles on the roof because the panels largely shield the shingles from the elements.
  • Protect the environment
  • Protect against rising energy cost
  • For future generations
  • Solar panel gives you more control over your energy production and consumption
  • Power outages can last hours or days. If your roof is topped with solar panels and you have a battery to store excess energy, your home will have electricity no matter what disrupts your local electric utility.
  • Fossil fuels produce around 63% of all electricity in the U.S. which will have a negative impact on human and animal health.
  • Create jobs and help your local economy
  • Installed on the roof, solar panels lower the temperature of the attic and reduce AC loads.
  • Coal-fired power plants, for instance, release air pollutants like cadmium, mercury, carbon dioxide, methane, and lead. Solar electric production does not emit nitrogen oxide (NOx) in the air. Solar energy is clean and carbon neutral.
  • Solar panels absorb the energy from sunshine and turn it into electricity rather than bounce it off into the atmosphere which then turns into heat and contributes to climate change.
  • All panels come with a 25-30 years warranty. Even after the warranty ends, it will still be producing.
  • Workers in the solar industry do not face a high risk of horrible diseases such as pneumoconiosis or black lung disease.
  • Solar installed on rooftops makes good use of otherwise unproductive surface areas and is therefore smart use of land.
  • Solar arrays are almost maintenance-free.
  • Solar panels perform with little degradation for 35+ years.
  • The production of solar energy does not produce any noise.
  • An investment in solar is high yield. Returns on investment in solar energy rival traditional investments such as stocks.
  • An investment in solar is as safe as, or safer than, CDs.
  • The main ingredient of solar panels, silicon, is natural, non-toxic, and abundant. It does need to be doped with boron, phosphorus, and arsenic to gain its electrical characteristics, though those amounts are tiny.
  • There’s increasing evidence that having solar panels on the roof increases the value of the home. The increase in a home’s value will likely increase as energy prices increase.
  • Living next to a solar production “plant” is risk-free.

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