Your solar panels absorb energy from the sun during the day and convert it to DC energy. Inverters, attached to your solar panels, then convert the DC energy to AC for use in your home. From there, the solar electricity your panels have generated can either be used to power your home or returned to the grid!

Each Better Tomorrow Solar project comes with a 6 year workmanship warranty to put your mind at ease. Yet, after hundreds of solar installations, our head installers have never damaged a roof. Our professionals have solid footing and they use top of the line mounting technology so you will never experience leaks or damage due to your solar array.

A solar array can last from 25 – 35 years. Removing and reinstalling your array in order to perform roof repairs can be costly, so complete any near term roof maintenance before you have your array installed.

If you can afford to pay your power bill, you can afford solar. Better Tomorrow Solar makes solar energy available to all who want it through innovative means of financing. With Better Tomorrow, you could go solar for as little as $0 down and 0% interest for 6-months.

We work with several finance firms that specialize in solar to ensure that you find the financing solution that is right for you.

Net metering is a system utilities use to credit solar array owners for electricity produced by the panels. With net metering, you only pay for what you use beyond what your panels can generate. If you generate more electricity than your household needs you can send that energy to the grid in exchange for credits from your utility company. Then, at night or when your panels are producing less energy, you can draw from the grid in exchange for those credits, at no cost.

Modern solar systems are a subtle addition to aesthetic of any roof and are oftentimes barely visible from the street. In addition to lowering your monthly power bill, home solar installations have been shown to increase the resale value of any home.

  • Berkeley found home solar increases the value of a home by $3.00 per system watt.
  • Zillow says home solar increases resale value by an average of 4.1%.
  • The Appraisal Institute found that homes increase $20 in value for every $1.00 in annual energy savings that solar can provide.
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